About LiL' Snippers

Lil’ Snippers is a family owned business committed to serving the Vancouver area. As mothers of young children, we are grateful to be part of a community that offers a wide selection of activities and services for kids. We opened Lil’ Snippers in 2010 in order to expand the services available for kids and parents in the area. We believe that kids deserve a positive haircare experience in an environment tailored specifically for them. We designed the salon with parents and kids in mind! We understand that haircuts can be challenging, especially for first-timers. Children have different needs that we as parents can understand. Our staff understand the unique needs of children and are accustomed to working with clients that may not sit still for long, if at all! Our stylists don’t just tolerate children, they ENJOY working with them! Our goal is to turn the challenge of a haircut into an experience that both children and parents can look forward to. We strive to offer you quality services at reasonable rates in an environment that is clean, welcoming and fun! We enjoy giving back to the community by supporting local schools and children’s causes like our partnership with Locks of Love. We appreciate all of the support we have received from our community in making our business successful. Thank you!

Dione and Rachel
- The Owners


Monday-Friday 10-6


Saturday-Sunday 9-6

How to Find Us

3000 SE 164th Ave
Suite 103
Vancouver, WA 98683

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Feel free to call us
(360) 953-8524 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome!

Employment Opportunities:
If you would like to join our energetic and skilled team, please call:

(360) 953-8524, or
email info@lilsnippers.com

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